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Sector Antenna
Item No.: TDJ-5800-16-H120
Product: 5.8G Sector antenna



Sector antenna

Product Number: TDJ-5800-16-H120

Electrical Specifications:

Frequency Range: 5010-5850mhz

Gain:  16.0dbi

VSWR   <1.5

Horizontal 3db Beamwidth    120+-10'

Vertical 3db Beamwidth: 8+- 1.0'

Front-Back Ratio > 23db

Electric Downtilt :   0'

Polarization:    Vertical

Normal Impedance:  50ohm

Maximum Input Power: 50W

Connector: N-F

IM.3RD Order(2X43dbm)     <-107dBm

Lightning Protection: Direct Ground.

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions(LXWXH)  Φ96MM X 420MM

Weight of antenna      1.8kg.

Diameter Of Installation Pole:  Φ35mm-50mm

Radome Material :   UPVC or FRP

Horizontal  360'

Angle of Pitch 0-15'

Rated Wind Velocity    200Km/h

Working Temperature:  -40-+60'

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