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GPS Satellite Signal Repeater
Item No.: G504
Product: GPS Satellite Signal Repeater

Model                                      G504
Reception Frequency                        1575MHz±5MHz
Reception Amplifier Gain                   25~28 dB
Reception Noise Figure                     ≤2dB
Reception Out-off-band Attenuation         7 dB±20MHz
Transmitting Frequency                     1575MHz±5MHz
Transmitting Gain                           11~14dB
Out-of-band Emission Inhibition             10 dB±20MHz
Transmitting Radius                         5 M
Power Supply (cigar lighter)                3V, 5V Compatible
Working Temperature                         -45'C~+85'C
Storage Temperature                         -50'C~+90'C
Humidity                                   100%

Dimension:   Out-car unit     40×47×13 (mm)

                   In-car unit      48×48×15 (mm)

G504, The GPS signal repeater, is mainly used to receive the outside GPS satellite signal into the car and make the equipment work for ample of GPS signal. It’s made up of reception antenna out of the car and the transmitting antenna in the car.

1. The sucker could be used on the mid-upward side of the window.
2. The reception antenna is to be adsorbed on the top of the car while the transmitting antenna is adsorbed on the iron sucker.
3. Switch on the plug at the cigar lighter-socket. Then you can receive the GPS signal with the handset.
4. Do not to put the R and T antenna close together and 3 meter is necessary between them without hinder.

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